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Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are considered to be one of the most favorite treats all around the globe. People of all genders and ages savor juicy and aromatic berries all year round. The true strawberry lovers prefer to buy sweet delicacy on the farmer’s markets. Yet, nothing can be compared  with the berries right off the vine. If you are a happy owner of a private house, it’s worth growing strawberries on your own.

If you are worried about the lack of space, there is good news for you. Growing strawberries in hanging baskets or pots is an ideal way out. It’s able to savor the home-grown fruit even if you possess a tiny mansion. Using container gardening is not only a good way to save space. It helps to foil pests like slugs. Such plants are more resistant to various bacterial and fungal diseases.

Choosing the right type of strawberry

It’s possible to plant any type you have. If you make a certain effect, you’ll get some harvest. Yet, if you want to savor sample crops during the whole summer or even annually, it’s better to choose the most appropriate kinds of plants. The best variants include Tristar, Tribute, Mara des Bois, Evie, Alboin, and some others.

Every farmer knows that the fruit needs a lot of the sun. Yet, if it’s impossible to place pots in sunny locations, you have to pay attention to such types as Mignonette, Rugen Improves or Yellow Wonder. They are tolerant of shade.

Choosing the right containers

Too small or too large containers can affect the harvest of the berries. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the pots you are going to grow strawberries in. The following aspects are of primary importance:

  • the presence of several drainage-holes. They should be large enough to provide the vines with a sufficient amount of moisture;
  • the material of the pot. There are many available variants. The best ones are made of plastic, terra cotta or fabric. Moreover, if you are going to keep the pots outdoors, you should prepare a protective metal cage or netting. Otherwise, you risk staying without fruit because birds can steal your harvest.

Choosing the right site

The plant needs at least 6 sunny hours per day. When it comes to hanging gardens, it’s quite easy to provide the vines with light while pots are mobile. The crops shouldn’t be placed through a drought.

Picking up the best soil is a key element of successful harvesting. It’s important to use a good quality fertilizer or compost with the soil. While hanging gardens have no source to get nutrients from the outside, you have to add fertilizer regularly. You should control the level of moisture. It’s important to water plants but it’s not a good thing to keep the fruit wet.

 The Process of Planting     

The first step to take is to add soil in the containers and shake it. It’s better to put the soil a layer after layer. It’s important to water every layer and wait until the soil absorbs the moisture. The next step is to put plants and loosen the soil around them. You need to plant up to 6 vines in one pot. Moreover, they are to be placed as closer to each other as possible.

To conclude, it’s worth highlighting that you may gather your harvest as soon as berries turn red. The home-grown strawberries are extremely tasty treats everyone can afford.    

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