How to Keep Annoying Vermin Away from Bulbs

Protecting Bulbs from Vermin

Every gardener wants to savor the whirlpool of colors on his or her lawn or backyard. If you think that it’s enough just to by the needed seeds or seedlings, prepare the soil and add fertilizer to get the results, you are wrong. Your garden may be full of unseen enemies whose aim is to wipe out your plants. 

If you are a beginner gardener, you may be surprised to get to know that a lot of animals like eating the bulbs. The most common of them are mice, squirrels, voles, and chipmunks. Moreover, various pests and insects can spoil the flowering bulbs, too. That’s why when planning your landscape design and planting the vines, you should think about how to protect your florets from destruction. There are several effective tips you should keep in mind.

  • Choose the proper flower types

It’s interesting to know that there are definite types of vines that are unattractive to rodents. The best way to avoid the problems with pesky vermin is to plant florets they won’t eat. You can still make your lawn stunning by growing Foxtail lily, Hyacinth, Snowdrop, Spanish bluebell, and some others.

Yet, it’s not a good way out for tulip lovers, for example. If you are a great fan of vines which attractive for animals, you can use the following pieces of advice.   

  • Install barriers

The first thing to do is to limit access to the bulbs. Some gardeners think it’s enough to place a fence around the garden. Yet, when the time for blossoming comes, they may be disappointed with the poor results of this method. The fence no matter how tall and dense it is can protect only from big animals like deer. At the same time, mice are able to dig under the construction. For squirrels, it’s not difficult to jump over it.  

It’s a cool idea to use empty yogurt cups to protect the bulbs. You can place them into the container before planting. It’s necessary to make several holes in the plastic to allow the roots growing. You may also use wire cages or hardware cloth.

  • Use repellents

In the nearest garden mall, you are to find a wide variety of repellents. Ads promise you will forget about the critters forever. Yet, the truth is that you have to change repellents from time to time. Animals get used to the definite flavor easily. Moreover, rain washes away the substance.  

  • Choose fertilizers carefully

You definitely want to help your vines blossom. You choose the best soil and tend to use helpful fertilizers. Yet, they may be not only useful but also dangerous for your bulbs. Their smell is able to attract critters.

  • Apply mulch and sharp gravel

It’s up to you to create all possible obstacles for critters that want to damage your plants. The use of mulch and sharp gravel limits access to the bulbs.

To conclude, it should be noticed that it’s quite possible to protect your flowers from critters and disturbing animals.        

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