Professional Landscape Fabric: Why It’s So Important

Weed barrier fabric

Gardening has been swiftly developing. Some things that seemed to be impossible just a couple years ago are a reality now. For instance, nowadays you don’t need to spend hours sowing seeds by hand. You can use special sowers that cope with this task in no time. The same is true about the fight against the weeds. You can hardly find a gardener who doesn’t want to get rid of pesky plants.

There are several reasons why it’s of prime importance to control weeding:

  • It promotes the harvest. The pesky plants need nutrients and moisture. They get it from your plants. Thus, when you prevent weeding, the crops get all the nutrients and fertilizers;
  • It prevents plant diseases. It’s not a secret that weeds may transfer various diseases. It’s an effective way to protect your crops from possible damages;
  • Your garden looks more attractive. Awesome landscape design isn’t possible until your lawn or backyard is covered with chaotic planting. The pesky vines are able to spoil even the most splendid design.

It’s clear that professional landscape fabric is a must if you want to be a successful gardener or landscaper. If you still do not know what functions it performs, consider the following information:

  • Weed control. It’s the main function of professional landscape fabric. It’s an effective means to get rid of undesirable vines;
  • Moisture retaining. Alongside with the installation of the professional irrigation system, it’s worth applying landscape fabric. It helps soil to retain water for a longer time;
  • Harsh weather protection. The fabric forms a layer which may protect the root systems of the vines from the sudden temperature changes or heavy rains. Yet, it’s important to point out that a landscape fabric can be only additional protection but not the main.  

There are various types of landscape fabric. The cheapest ones may be done from the plastic. It’s not the best choice while such plastics are not very effective and may harmful to your crops. It’s better to use professional varieties. They are made of high-quality polyester or polypropylene. Both materials are lightweight and eco-friendly.  Moreover, all of them have the following outstanding features:

  • They are durable. It’s possible to pick up samples that will serve up to 5 years. The materials are not afraid of chemicals;
  • They are safe. The fabric is safe for your health. It’s also pet-friendly;
  • They are easy to use. It’s not obligatory to hire masters to apply the covering. You need simple scissors to do everything by yourself;
  • They are easy to be maintained. You don’t need to clean or wash the covers. However, it’s recommended to remove it when the growing season ends.

To sum it up, it should be noticed the importance of the professional landscape fabric can’t be overestimated. It performs significant functions and helps to get a good harvest. 

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