Garden Cover: Your Main Helper in Creating Stunning Landscape Design

Creating Stunning Landscape Design

You can hardly find an owner of the private house who doesn’t want to create an outstanding and eye-catching landscape design. The neat and well-maintained lawns or backyards are the best places to relax after a hard working day or to have a barbecue party. Yet, it’s possible only if your garden is in order. The main problem of the landowners is pesky weeds. If you don’t control weeding, your lawn risk becoming a real jungle.

Moreover, if you want to create landscape design the first thing you should do is to get rid of weeds. They are able to spoil even the most stunning ideas. Luckily, nowadays there are many ways to solve this problem. One of the most effective is the garden cover.

Garden Cover: How It Works

On the Net, you can find many posts and articles about the main advantages of the covering. Yet, only a few gardeners understand how it works. The garden cover is a black mesh type of eco-friendly material. You have to do the following steps:

  • Choose the most appropriate type of coverings. Nowadays there is a wide range of available variants. They differ in size, color, width, and price. Moreover, some of them are made of cheap plastic while others are produced from environmentally friendly polypropylene or polyester. The last variant is more preferable one;
  • Place it on the ground. As a rule, the samples are sold in rolls. If you don’t know exactly how much materials you need, you can use a special fabric calculator online. It’s necessary to define the width and lengths of your patch to get the needed number of the fabric;
  • Cover the surface with mulch. It’s an important step while mulch doesn’t allow weeds to grow through even if they’ve managed to get through the fabric layer;
  • Take care of the coverings. It doesn’t matter you have to spend hours in your garden or backyard. It’s necessary to renew the mulch layer at the beginning of the season and store the materials during winter. By the way, it’s possible to find samples that tolerate cold weather and have a long lifespan. You can leave them on the ground.

Some beginner gardeners are afraid of using landscape fabric while they are sure it affects the growth of the plants. Yet, the texture of covering allows all the necessary nutrients, water, and air to go through. Moreover, it’s able to maintain the needed moisture level because it reduces evaporation.  

Thanks to the garden cover, it’s possible to bring to life even the boldest ideas. It’s good for creating a minimalist or woodland design. It suits even oriental and formal types.

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