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  • A wide range of available products such as landscape fabrics, landscape edging kits, weed barrier fabrics, and burlap roll.

  • The multifunctional use of landscape fabrics. They are not only the perfect weed barrier but wonderful outdoor design elements.

  • Easy setup and maintenance of the landscape fabrics. You need no professional assistance or extra tools to set up the fabrics.

  • The universal usage. The weed barriers are equally well for gardens, parks, lawns, backyards, and greenhouse.

  • Highly qualified assistance for choosing the right type of landscape fabrics.

  • Innovative technologies in creating every single product.

  • Strict correspondence to the quality standards.


Customers About Products

High quality landscape fabric

Glad that I finally find this exact landscape fabric! The only type that suited my one season project without overpaying. I had a lot of leftovers after arranging my dream garden so my hubby used this weed preventing fabric around his trees as the underlayer for decorative stone. Worked well for both purposes. Will return for more!

Time saver

I can't wait to get my garden planted and this is going to help out so much with the weeds this year. Seems like it's a good thickness and is going to save me so much time.

Don't forget Staples!!

Good product. Got it to lay under some rocks to stop weeds. I live in FL where almost my whole lawn can turn to weeds overnight so I'm doubling up. I forgot to buy lawn Staples which really help with securing it in place.

Shelby Scraper
Easy to use landscape fabric

It is my first time buying weed control fabric. I am using it for my herb garden and I already love to work with it. Considering that this fabric is made of polypropylene it is soft and flexible. I can arrange it how I want even fold in half where I need more thickness.

Amazon Customer
Never fails me

Like to use this gardening fabric to prevent weeds on my landscaping projects. Works well every time