Planting Tomatoes

Planting Tomatoes

Tomatoes are considered to be of the most favorite plants among gardeners. They like planting this fruit because it has rich nutritional content and is relatively easy to grow. The plant is useful for healthful skin, weight loss, and heart health. Yet, if you decide to plant tomatoes in your garden or greenhouse, you should consider some important points.

  • What kind of fruit to choose

There is a wide range of available variants. They come in all possible colors – from traditional red and purple to unusual white and yellow. The most popular kinds are Beefsteak, Big Boy, Mortgage Lifter, Black Cherry. It’s necessary to pay attention to such an aspect as fruit development. There are determinate, indeterminate, early, and late starters. If you want to enjoy the fresh fruit throughout the season, you should prefer the indeterminate kinds.

The next important factor is disease resistance. It’s denoted with the help of letters: A stands for Alternaria leaf spot, F — Fusarium wilt, FF — Race 1 and Race 2 Fusarium, and others.

  • Consider your climate zone

The territory of the country is divided into 10 zones. The main factor to distinguish them is the average temperature. 1 is the coldest one while 10 is the hottest one. Yet, it’s also important to consider the peculiar features of your garden. If there are many trees that provide shade all day round, you should consider it when choosing the plant type.

  • What soil tomatoes require

The plant needs a lot of the sun. That’s if you live in warm regions, you can count on an ample harvest. Yet, if you are a resident of colder areas, it’s better to plant the vines in greenhouse or polytunnel.

The main advantage of the plant is that requires a limited spot. Yet, you should keep in mind, the healthy vines are able to be up to 2 meters tall. The soil should be very fertile. The best variants are loam or sandy loam soils. Yet, the vegetable can survive in any soil type except heavy clay. Tomatoes like loose and well-drained soil. It’s better to plant the vines alongside the fence or wall.

  • Grow or buy seedlings

The easiest way is to buy seedlings. Yet, it’s better to avoid long and leggy samples. It’s also possible to grow transplants from seeds. It’s worth doing in February.

  • When to transplant

The time of planting depends upon your climate zone. Yet, you can do it only if you are sure there are no risks of frost anymore. It’s important to dig deep holes or trenches. It’s a good idea to use a weed-barrier. The experienced gardeners prefer to apply trellis in order to avoid root damage.

  • Watering is of primary importance

  Fruit should receive about an inch of water per week. If there is a lack of water, too much watering or irregular watering, the vines can be hurt. In conclusion, it’s worth highlighting that there is nothing difficult in getting home-grown tomatoes. You have all the chances to savor juicy crops every season.

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