Reasons to Plant Native Perennials in Your Garden

Native Perennials

When planning your landscape design, you can’t but pay a lot of attention to choosing the right plants. One of the most common mistakes is to choose flowers or shrubs just because you like their appearance. Very often, such plants don’t grow. You make efforts, spend a lot of time and money, and get no results. It may happen because you pick up plants from other regions or countries.

There are many reasons why it’s worth choosing native perennials:

  • Such flowers don’t require frequent watering.

Nobody wants to spend the whole day watering flowerets. You avoid this problem by choosing the right varieties of flowers or shrubs. They are adapted to the definite weather conditions. The vines from wet regions need frequent watering while the examples from the south last longer even  without liquid.

  • You don’t need to use more fertilizers.

Unfortunately, nowadays it’s impossible to become a successful gardener without using various fertilizers. Yet, everyone understands that it’s not a good choice for the environment. Moreover, if you grow not only flowers but also vegetables and fruit, it’s recommended to use as little fertilizers as possible. The native perennials get all the necessary elements from the soil so there is no need for additional use of chemicals.

  • You are able to contribute to environmental protection.

It sounds weird but it’s true. By growing local flowers, you may supply local wildlife with food and needed habitat. If you include local vines in your landscape, you may notice that the number of butterflies and insects increases.

  • There is no need for thorough maintenance.

When it comes to the vines from other regions, they get not very well with other plants and local weather conditions. Too strong winds, drafts, and droughts hurt the gentle florets. It may happen that they lose their ability to blossom every year. Moreover, their bloom is not so vivid and colorful as it is in the traditional area.

  • You can save your money.

It’s not a secret that unique and unusual seedlings are more expensive. Their maintenance may cost you the whole fortune. At the same time, the local perennials are affordable for any gardener.

The best varieties for your garden

If you don’t know what are the best variants of native plants, you may consider the following samples:

  • The residents of zones 4-9 will definitely appreciate Amsonia. It has dark shoots and can be grown in full sun to part shade.
  • The gardeners of zones 3-7 can’t do without Chantilly Lace. t’s the best choice for dry soil and shade yards.
  • Bugleweed is an evergreen groundcover that is typical for zones 1-3. It has colorful foliage and is attractive all year round.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that local perennials can become an ideal decoration of your garden or backyard. They are the best choice when it comes to creating an awesome landscape.  

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