10 Indoor Plants You Don’t Need to Water Too Often

Indoor Plants That Require Seldom Watering

Indoor flowers can make your dwelling cozier and more attractive. They are able to improve your mental and physical conditions. Everyone knows that greenery helps us to breath better air thanks to its purification ability. Moreover, plants help us to stay more focused and organized. Yet, to experience all the benefits it’s not enough to buy a plant, place it on the windowsill, and wait. Greenery needs care. There are different types of vines. Some of them are more fastidious while others require less maintenance.

If you are a lazybones who wants to enjoy the benefits of greenery without making efforts, you should pay attention to the following indoor plants. Their main advantage is the ability to last longer even without frequent watering. You spend minimum time taking care of the flowers and no one flower will suffer.

  • Peace Lily

The green foliage and gentle white blooms are really eye-catching. It needs rich and loamy soil. It’s one of the most easy going florets you can find. It needs no special conditions to please your eyes. You have to water it only when the soil is fully dry.

  • Sago Palm

It prefers a light, well-drained soil with ample sun. That’s why it’s recommended to place the pot in a bright location. You should water the vine only when it’s dried out. It’s important to keep in mind that too much liquid can damage the floret. By the way, the vine is poisonous so it’s worth placing it out of reach of children and pets.

  • Rubber plant

It’s an ideal choice for those who don’t want to be bothered with watering. In winter, you can moisten it only once per month. I summer, you should do it more frequent – at least one time per week. The droopy leaves are the signs that the vine needs liquid.

  • Jade Plant

It’s one of the most favorite vines of the people who want to become rich. It’s well-known as a money tree. You need to moisten it only a couple of times per week. The thick leaves have the ability to store aqua.

  • Begonias

The bright flowers need minimum care. There is  one more advantage of the floret – it doesn’t require direct sunlight. You can place it in the shade without fear of hurting gentle blossoms.

  • Chinese evergreen

This gorgeous houseplant is able to please your eyes all year round. It has excellent air-purifying ability. The inconsistent watering doesn’t hurt the vine. 

  • Snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue

It’s possible to find samples of many colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s the perfect variant for travelers while the vine can thrive without a drink for a long time.

  • Devil’s Backbone

The plants attract your attention thanks to its unusual appearance. It’s recommended to buy tall and vertical pots for it. The watering is required only when the soil is dried out.

  • Tillandsia

The secret of his vine is that it takes moisture from the air. You hardly have any trouble with growing this indoor floret. The slight misting from time to time is enough.

  • Clivia

The floret is an excellent choice when it comes to chilly temperatures and poor watering. Yet, the charming blossoms will definitely become the main decoration of your house.

In conclusion, it’s worth mentioning that it’s always possible to pick up the best flowerets for every person.

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