Clover Lawn: The Trendy Landscape Design Element

Clover Lawn

If you are a happy owner of the primate house, you know for sure how important it is to keep your front lawn and backyard in order. The neat design attracts attention while the abandoned one can make a bad impression. At the same time, only a few are ready to spend hours getting rid of weeds and watering flowers. A clover lawn seems to be a dream of every gardener. It is able not only to create an eye-catching design but also is easy to grow and maintain.

The first thing you should do is to decide what type of clover you want to cultivate. There are many available variants. The white variety is one of the most popular samples. People choose this type because it’s low-growing. Moreover, it bends well with other types of lawn grasses.

Clover lawn pluses you should know about

More and more landowners prefer to use clover instead of traditional grass coverage. The legume vines are easy to grow, maintenance needs minimum efforts. One of the significant advantages of the vine is that you can grow it no matter where you live. It’s a unique greenery that is absolutely tolerant of any air temperature swings. It should be stated you can try to grow it in any soil. Unlike the greater part of other plants, it requires no definite type of soil. It doesn’t matter how poor the soil is. Even more, it does better in clay soil. The legume has a unique opportunity to produce nutrients by itself.

Moreover, the gentle flowers of the plant add charm to your house. The enchanting scent attracts bees. If you are a professional beekeeper, the legume plant can be rather beneficial for you. The price of the seeds is low. You definitely don’t need to spend all your money to purchase the needed amount of seeds.

Everyone who has ever used cover knows that the problem of the weeds is not so prominent in comparison with traditional grass cover. You don’t need to use the chemicals to get rid of weeds. The same is true about annoying pests.

It’s possible to combine the plant with other flowers and garden grass types. It’s not afraid of droughts, as well as of shades and high-traffic areas.

3 steps to grow clover

The first thing to do is to prepare your garden or backyard. You need to use your mower. It’s necessary to use the lowest mover setting. The next step to take is to spread the seeds. There are two possible ways to do it. When it comes to small areas, you can do it by yourself. If the area is large, it’s better to apply a spreader. It’s recommended to mix seeds with sand and traditional grass samples.

Watering is a crucial element of successful clover growing. You should water the area every day at least for the first week after you spread the seeds. To sum it up, it should be noticed that a neat and eye-catching lawn is a reality. When choosing the proper plants, you don’t need to spend all your time, money, and effort.

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