How to Grow Christmas Tree

miniature christmas tree

Nowadays the problem of environmental protection is more relevant than ever. It’s a big mistake to think that you can do nothing to protect nature. There is a lot of various variants. One of them is to abandon the use of both cut and artificial Christmas trees. Yet, it doesn’t mean that your winter holidays will lose their charm. You can grow your own miniature Christmas tree. It’s an amazing way out that not only positively affects the environment but also can make both outdoor and indoor designs eye-catching. 

Choosing the type of conifers

All the territory is divided into ten zones in accordance with average temperatures. If you are going to transplant your fir from the pot in the soil, you should keep in mind that different firs have different levels of cold resistance. Moreover, it’s very important to pick up a variety of right shape. The thing is you may buy and grow a pine that looks like anything but not a traditional Christmas tree. The list of the best kinds includes the following:

  • Norway Spruce is a lovely evergreen garden tree. It is able to please your eyes up to 10 years;
  • Nordmann fir has an ideal symmetrical shape and glossy dark foliage. The average height is about 4 feet;
  • Serbian spruce is fast gaining its popularity. It’s easy to care for plants with a delightful dark green foliage.

You may purchase the variant you like in the nearest garden center or order per Internet. It’s possible to choose between shorter and taller models. You can find a variant which is an ideal one for the very your dwelling. When choosing the plant, you should check if there are no damages or needle mess and the foliage is green.

Growing Christmas tree form the seedlings

It’s also possible to grow fir form the seedlings. You have to plant them in the pot first.  It’s important to use a special potting mixture and to add fertilizer. It’s possible to heat the seeds with the help of a lamp. There is no better place for a growing miniature conifer but a greenhouse.

You can leave the plant in the pot. Yet, if you want it to stay as long as possible, it’s better to transplant it. In spring, you need to place it in the well-drained soil. Moreover, at least 6 hours of the sun is a must, too. When planting several seedlings, there should up to 8 feet of room between them.  You have to water the pot to moisture the root system. The use of a 2-inch mulch is desirable. The ideal time for transplanting is spring when the temperature of the soil is above 70 degrees.  No matter whether your miniature conifer is in the pot or ground, you should keep the soil slightly moist.  

To sum it up, it should be noticed that growing a miniature Christmas tree is not so difficult as you may think. Everyone is able to get on with it. 

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