Top Shrubs and Bushes to Protect Your Property

Plants for Home Security

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and secure at home. Unfortunately, nowadays you have to pay maximum attention to your house security. There are many various methods to protect your property. The smart houses are effectively protected with the help of hi-tech devices. It’s possible to install sensible sensors and alarms everywhere. It’s very effective, yet, it’s very expensive, too. You have to spend a fortune to buy all the necessary equipment and maintain its functions.

For those, who have no opportunities to purchase an alarm system, can still protect their property with the help of plants. It sounds weird but it’s a very popular method to make your dwelling more protected.   

Living privacy fence

Nobody wants strangers to see your backyard. If there is no fence, everyone can see what is going on your lawn, detect expensive tools or barbeque equipment, and even follow your private life. You can plant the corresponding shrubs and bushes which hide your belongings and private life. However, you should carefully pick up the appropriate plants. The perfect variants are the following:

  • Arborvitae

 The main advantage of this plant is evergreen foliage. There are no problems in growing it. It tolerates almost any type of soil. Moreover, it’s possible to pick up the breed with needed height and width.

  • Skip Laurel

It’s not only reliable but also beautiful protection of your property. It provides you with a 10-foot-tall fence which blooms in spring. Yet, there are several points you should keep in mind. You have to plant it only in a sunny spot with well-drained soil.

  • Common Holly

The rigid foliage of the bushes can cause serious damage to the people who try to get too close. Moreover, the plant produces berries which are not safe for humans.  

  • Boxwood shrubs

They are good for creating a unique landscape which is safe. It’s the best choice for residents of areas where deer inhabit. The plant is deer-resistant. The broadleaf evergreens are good for partial or dappled shaded spots. 

 Thorny defense

Alongside with living fence, it’s worth planting thorny shrubs and bushes within a perimeter. The following variants are easy-to-grow and very effective:

  • Shrub Rose blossoms from May to September. The tender flowers have thorny stems. They cover ground that’s why you should consider it if you have dogs or cats.
  • Purple Berberis can become a beautiful decoration for your yard. The thorny stems are reliable protection from unwanted guests.
  • Creeping Juniper has long branches which form a blue carpet. Both foliage and stems are thorny.

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that plants are your best helpers when it comes to creating an awesome landscape that protects your dwelling.

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