Unbeatable Benefits of Beets: Why and How to Grow the Plant

grow beetroots in your garden

When you start a garden, the first thing you should do is to make up a list of  plants you are going to grow. To achieve the best results, it’s necessary to consider the following information:

  • Climate conditions;
  • The soil type;
  • The total amount of time you are ready to devote to gardening;
  • Your food preferences.

If it’s difficult for you to make the right choice, you can pay your attention to the most popular plants. For instance, you can hardly find a gardener who doesn’t cultivate beets. This plant is an unbeatable leader among vegetables.

Beet useful properties

There are many interesting stories connected with this nutritious plant. The most curious one tells that when a male and female eat the same beetroot, they definitely fall in love with each other.

Apart from its magic properties, beetroot is famous for numerous health benefits. It’s able to improve academic performance, to reduce blood pressure, and even increase blood flow. The crop contains a wide range of useful elements such as iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese. Moreover, the vegetable is considered to be one of the best anti-inflammatory plants on the globe. It’s a good idea to add a glass of beetroot juice if you have problems with bones, teeth, and even anemia. The list of useful properties of the crop is endless. Yet, yet to get a good yield you have to follow definite rules.       

How to Grow Beetroots

The main advantage of this vegetable is that it can be cultivated just anywhere. It’s necessary to pick up the variety you want to grow. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Red Ace. It takes about 55 days to mature;
  • Detroit Dark Red. You can savor it raw or cooked;
  • Bull’s Blood. It’s the best choice for cooking salads;
  • Ruby Queen is the best variant for canning and pickling;
  • Touchstone Gold is the best representative of the gold varieties. The main peculiarity is that it bleeds less into other food;
  • Blankoma is a sweet white variety. It matures for about 55 days. You can add crops to various salads.

Although the crop is easy to grow, you still should follow definite pieces of advice. The best time to set an early crop is March or April. It’s also possible to plant seedlings from June to September. The minimal soil temperature should be about 50 degrees.

When it comes to choosing a proper spot for planting, you have to consider the following information. The crop requires well-prepared and fertile soil. You should be careful with fertilizing. It’s also necessary to get rid of weeds. The best way to do it is to apply a weed barrier fabric. It helps to prevent weeding without harming the plant.

The key element of a successful yield is regular mulching and watering. You have to do it at least once a week. After you harvest the crops, you should store them in a cold and dry place.

To conclude, it should be mentioned that beetroots are an essential element of a healthy diet. It’s definitely worth cultivating this vegetable in your garden.            

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