Tips to Keep Your Lawnmower in Order

How to Maintain Lawnmower

Being a homeowner has its pluses and minuses. The great opportunity to spend free time in the fresh air and enjoy outdoor activities whenever you want are the main advantages.  One of the significant drawbacks is the necessity to mow the grass on the lawn. Otherwise, your front or backyard can turn into a jungle. There is always a need to keep your landscape in order. You can do it in several ways.

The first one is to use landscape fabrics to prevent weeding. The second one is to apply chemicals. In such a way you can get rid of all plants. It’s not the best way out. Nobody wants to have a bold lawn. It’s better to cover it with turf. You have to remember that turfgrass needs constant maintenance. The best way to keep it in order is to use a lawnmower. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new engine every season, you have to take care of your device. There are some tips to help you.

  • Choose the best place to store the tool.

If you are not from California, where lawns tend to grow annually, you should find the proper place to store the device. It shouldn’t be affected by the changes in weather conditions such as temperature swing, the raise of humidity level, strong winds, etc. You can store the tool only when the fuel tank is empty. It’s better to place the tool in the place where it will be protected from extra dampness and rain. One of the possible storage variants is the garage.

  • Periodical inspection is a desirable step.

It’s a good idea to make a rule of your own to check the condition of your mower once a month or a season. It’s up to you to choose the terms. You have to check the oil level. If it’s needed you have to add oil up to the line on the dipstick. You can also inspect whether there are some other damages or not.

  •  Before use inspection of the mower.

The main thing to check is blades. They should be sharp. It’s up to you to check whether all bolts are tight enough. otherwise, it may cause serious damage or even the device can hurt you.  Once or twice a year, you have to clean or replace the air filter. Once a year, it’s necessary to replace the spark plug. 

  • After-use checklist.

The first step to do is to turn the tool off. You can maintain it only when the engine is cold. That’s why it’s necessary to disconnect the spark plug. The next step is to clean the outer surface of the device with the help of a brush. Don’t forget to clean underneath, too!  You need to empty the lawn bag after each time you use it. 

  • The area inspection  

It’s not a good idea to mow after the rain. The wet grass can damage the tool. It’s also necessary to check the yard before work whether there are stones or rocks in the grass. They can damage the device, too.

To conclude, it’s worth mentioning that all these tips will help not only to keep your mower working effectively but also extend its lifespan.

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