Shade-Loving Plants: The Best Ideas for Your Lawn

Shade Plants for Your Lawn

Everyone likes to spend hot summer afternoons in the shade of the lawn. What is more beautiful than savoring fresh air being surrounded by eye-catching flowers and fragrant plants? Yet, a lot of inexperienced gardeners are convinced that shade areas are not an appropriate place for growing plants. They are wrong because the absence of the direct sunlight can not only benefit the growth of some plants but also make the lawn maintenance easier. That’s why you should not be upset when you discover that there are plenty of shady areas in your lawn. You should pay your attention to the selection of shade-loving plants and your lawn will sparkle with new colors.

The following variants of vines can revitalize and brighten up the darkest parts of your yard and there is no need to cut down the trees and bushes.

Heuchera is one of the most popular perennials to be grown in the gardens and lawns. It needs no sun that can even harm the perennials. It’s adaptable for any type of garden soil. There is a wide range of available colors and shades. Tiny bell-shaped flowers are an amazing decoration for any garden. They create a stunning effect and captivate your attention.

Digitalis is another variant to try. You can’t but savor its elegant bloom year after year. The long spikes of spotted florets attract attention. Their color may vary from vivid purple to gentle pink or white.  

It’s difficult to find a garden without begonias. They staple landscape perennials. They enchant with great field performance. The florets are tolerant to cool growing temperatures so the absence of sun is not a problem for them.

The shaded landscape spots need dead-nettles to amaze you with a stunning performance. They are used as ground cover. It means you have to control their growth. With modern landscape fabric, it’s not a big problem. 

Spring is a perfect time to adore viola blooming. Some gardeners don’t like these florets and consider them to be troublesome. Yet, you can’t but fall in love with pretty bluish-lavender flowers.

An enchanting primula is a perfect choice when it comes to an outstanding landscape design. The flowers have an unusual shape and they are super easy to grow. There is no problem with choosing the color of the floret. There are more than 400 species of different sizes and shades.

When it comes to growing plants in the shady areas, you have to minimize the harmful effects of weeds. You can spend hours burning them. It’s not a good way out to use chemicals as they affect your flowers, too. One of the most effective and practical means is the use of weed barriers. They prevent weeding but are environmentally friendly. Your plants will only benefit.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that a colorful and vivid lawn is possible even if there is a lack of the sun. You should only devote some time for choosing the proper flowers and seedlings.

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