How to Choose Plants for Your Front Lawn and Backyard

Plants for Lawns and Backyards

When your dreams come true and you become a landowner, you get a lot of things to think about and troubles to get rid of. Perhaps, one of the most pleasing activity is to choose plants for your new landscape. However, it’s not so easy as it may appear at first sight. It’s not always possible to grow the flowers you like or apple-trees you want. The would-be growers can’t understand why it happens and how to correct the situation. The answer is easy – it’s important to pay attention to the right choice of plants.

The experienced landscape designers and gardeners know that every plant has its preferences when it comes to sunlight, watering, and fertilizing. In order to become an eye-pleasing landscape, it’s very important to consider the peculiarities of plants.

There are two questions you have to answer before going to the shop:

  • “What landscape style do I need?” The thing is that nowadays there are too many different landscape styles: Mediterranean Formal Garden, Spanish Garden, Japanese Garden, etc. It’s clear that cherry trees fit the Japanese Garden while it will look weird in the Spanish garden. However, such restrictions are not too strict. You have to focus on your own preferences and desires.  
  • “How many time can I devote to gardening?” To grow a garden, you need decades of years. To get rid of weeds isn’t a five-minute deal. You have to spend all your free time and energy for maintenance. Yet, if the finances permit, you can hire a professional gardener to create the landscape of your dream.

The process of choosing the right plants is better from considering the climate conditions of the area you live in. The cold weather is good for resilient flowers and shrubs. The warm and humid climate is good for amaranths, ferns.

Before buying seeds, you have to get to know whether the plant needs sunlight or shade. If there is no single tree in your backyard, the flowers which need shade won’t survive. The next aspect to keep in mind is the soil type. It may be neutral, loose or acidic, moreover, the level of organic matter differs from place to place, too. 

If you have a tiny house, the gigantic bamboo will look weird. At the same time, tall plants can form a privacy screen. The flowerbeds can be organized in accordance with their shapes or colors. It’s a good idea to combine long and short growing plants in order to fill free space.

Weeds are not welcomed on any front row or backyard. The neat green lawn is a dream of many homeowners. The key element of neat landscaping is a weed control barrier. You have just to install landscape fabric and forget about weed for several months or even years.

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that there is nothing impossible. If you want to grow sunflowers in Alaska, you can do it. You need to spend more time, energy, and money but it’s possible to achieve success.

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