10 Rules of the Successful Modern Gardener

The Rules of Gardener

Gardening provides you with much more benefits than troubles. It’s not only about adding grace to your yard. It’s about bettering your physical and mental conditions. It’s incredible but groundskeeping is able to reduce the risk of stroke. It is a perfect means for stress reliefs. Moreover, ladies will definitely appreciate its ability to burn calories. Moreover, planting new trees and flowers has a positive impact on the environment. Growing fruit and vegetables is a good way to save money. And even more, everyone knows that fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, right off the vine, are significantly tastier than from the shop.

To take pride in your garden, it’s important to pay enough attention to your hobby. There are several pieces of advice from keen green thumbs that will help you to enjoy the process of gardening and achieve good results.

  1. The native soil is the best one.

It’s a mistake to believe that the more compost or topsoil you add, the faster plants grow. However, the native soil is the best option for the newly-planted green. Every area has peculiar soil content. For roots, it’s easier to adopt in a new environment.

2. Sunlight and water are of primary importance.

There is a common misconception that the harvest depends upon the soil quality. Although it’s important but not the number one in the list of needed things. The truth is no one plant would grow without sunlight and water.

3. Organic matter does matter.

There should be up to 6% of the organic matter in the typical soil. It consists of dead matter, living microbes, and living parts of plants. It’s possible to add leaves, pine straw or grass clippings. Organic matter is the key element of soil fertility.

4. You should choose plants carefully.

some flowers love a lot of water, others need more sunlight. You have to take into account the preferences of every vine. For instance, verbena can live without water for a long time whereas canna needs watering every day.

5. It’s better to avoid messy trees.

Such trees as river birch, sweetgum or mimosa are the real nightmares of any gardener. Unless you like sweeping the territory every hour, you shouldn’t plant these trees.

6. Weed control barrier is a must-have.

Weeds are the worst enemies of the landscape designers and gardeners. They are able to spoil any view and hurt the plants. Nowadays there are many types of landscape fabric which is the best way to get rid of harmful or alien plants. The cloth stops weeding. It is easy-to-use. You don’t need extra knowledge or skills to install it.

7. Step-by-step principle.

If your dream is a gigantic apple-tree garden, it’s definitely a bad idea trying to plant dozens of seedlings per one time. It’s better to start from one or two seedlings. When you get necessary knowledge about how to take care of apples, you can realize your dream. 

8. Chemicals are not your greatest helpers.

Many beginners use chemicals to prevent weeding or get rid of plant diseases. Yet, it’s not the best way out. Chemicals can poison the soil and other plants, as well as the very gardener.

9. Strict disease control!

Many vegetables and flowers are the most exposed to diseases. They are extremely hard to deal with. You have to prevent the problem rather than deal with results.

10. Don’t forget about safety.

You have to dress appropriately, avoid heat illness, and follow all instructions.

In conclusion, one more point should be noticed. You can become a successful gardener only if you like what you are doing. It’s the key element of your success.

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