An Ideal Greenhouse: Things You Should Consider

Common Greenhouse Problems

Sooner or later, every gardener is beginning to take seriously the necessity to install and maintain the greenhouse. It’s a protected place where it’s possible to create the appropriate conditions for optimal plant growth.  You can cultivate there whatever you want – fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The construction offers you a longer growing season. You can savor home-grown tomatoes and cucumbers all year round. The bad weather conditions are not your problem anymore. You can garden whenever you want. 

When it comes to the benefits of using greenhouses, it’s possible to name up to a dozen advantages. Yet, there are also some problems you may face while gardening using an outdoor structure. If you are interested in this question, the following information may be useful for you.

Where to install my greenhouse

It’s the first question you should answer before going to the nearest shop for the building materials. It’s important to remember that you need a special permit from your local authorities. A portable greenhouse, as a rule, doesn’t require such a document. When choosing the proper place, you should consider sunlight, wind protection, proximity to trees and buildings, levelness of ground. If you neglect some of the mentioned points, you may get serious problems with your construction in the future.

When it comes to the sizes of the site, the most popular and practical variants are 6’ by 8’ and 8’ by 10’.  The longest side of the larger models should be fully exposed to the sunlight.

Building materials

Many gardeners make common mistakes when choosing building materials. They prefer solid and heavy variants. It leads to the reduction of the growing capacity.  You should prefer light, strong, and easy-care materials.

The wrong choice of materials affects the effectiveness of the shelter. Too much light often leads to the plants overheating while shade causes plants to die.  The best variants for cover are plastic films, rigid plastics, and glass.

Protection from pests and weeds

If you think that pets and weeds won’t live in your greenhouse, you are wrong. Moreover, favorable weather conditions promote the fast-breeding of both pests and weeds. It’s not a good idea to apply chemicals. It’s better to use an effective weed barrier or landscaping cloth. It requires minimum maintenance and gives maximum results.


In order to make your greenhouse works, you have to maintain it. It’s not enough to clean the surface from the faded leaves. It’s important to sterilize all the surfaces. For these purposes, you should use eco-friendly soap or cleaner and water. The ventilation system is a significant detail of the construction. You have to oil the shutters regularly. It’s necessary to check the water tanks every month, too.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that the greenhouse is an awesome but extremely complicated structure. To achieve the best results, it’s important to keep the construction in order and solve all the problems as soon as possible.

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