Weed Control Mat vs Chemicals: How to Make the Right Choice

Weed Control

Weeding is one of the most common problems both beginner and experienced gardeners have to deal with.  Whether you like it or not, but it’s impossible to find a garden without any weeds. Yet, nowadays there is a wide range of various means that help you to combat pesky plants. Some of them are super effective while others may be harmful to vines. That’s why it’s of primary importance to choose proper means carefully.

There are 2 main ways to prevent weeding. The first one is to apply chemicals. The second one is to install a weed control mat. Both methods have their pluses and minuses. Moreover, there is a constant arguing between their supporters. If you don’t know how to make the right choice, you should consider the following information.

Available varieties

You can find numerous types of conventional or chemical killers. It’s not a good idea the first sample you’ve found. You have to consider the type of plants you are going to eradicate. The most popular conventional killers are the following:

  • Residual or soil-actin variety. It kills al the plants within the treated area. It means you can’t apply such means with crops or edibles;
  • Contact variety. You may pick up a selective or non-selective type. It’s the best variant for annual flowers;
  • Systemic variety. It affects the plant material. This type is considered to be the safest one in comparison with other chemicals.

When it comes to weed control mats, you are to choose between woven and non-woven variants. Their application depends on the type of landscape design.  The woven sample is good for gardening while the non-woven one is perfect when it comes to landscaping. Yet, unlike chemicals mats are suitable for any vine. You can install the fabric for both annuals and perennials. The texture of the material allows air, nutrients, and moisture to go through.


This criterion is of primary importance when it comes to growing edibles. Moreover, if you have pets, you are to use only pet-friendly materials. In this regard, mats are an indisputable leader. The fabric is made of eco-friendly materials which are absolutely safe for the environment. You don’t need to worry about your cats or dogs walking outdoors.

When it comes to conventional means, the situation differs. They are able to kill all the greenery on your patch. Moreover, it’s not a good idea to grow edibles with pesticides. It’s possible to pick up killers with a low level of toxicity but they are still dangerous.


Chemicals should be applied regularly. Otherwise, they are not effective. You should wear special protective clothing to avoid poisoning. Every season, you have to but new samples of killers. It’s much more convenient to apply mats. It’s enough to install them at the beginning of the season. Moreover, there are varieties that can last up to 10 years. Such means are a perfect way to save time and money.

To sum it up, it’s worth mentioning that it’s up to you to choose the most appropriate variant. Yet, you should consider the above-mentioned information.

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