Frost Blanket as an Effective Means to Extend Vegetable Growing Season

Frost Blanket

Everyone wants to savor a rich harvest every year. To get good results, you should be ready to put many efforts. You have to pick up the proper types of crops you are going to grow. It’s necessary to improve the fertility of the soil in your garden. Yet, bad weather conditions are able to wipe out all your efforts.  Strong winds and low temperatures are not the best enablers of plant growth.  

Yet, even if all the weather forecasts promise cold growing season, there is no reason to be sad. There is a wide range of gardening tools and supplies that can help you to grow as many crops as you want. A frost blanket is one of the most comfortable and effective means. You may order it on the Net. You don’t need to construct extra difficult greenhouses to protect the vegetables from unexpected freezes or fall that comes too early. 

5 Reasons to buy frost blanket

1. It’s easy to use

You shouldn’t be a genius to apply fabrics. You have to cover veggies beds with it. When the weather becomes better, you should just remove it. You need no other supplies or tools to apply the covering. Only when there are strong winds, you are to pin the sample with stones or logs.  

2.     It’s not expensive

Many people think gardening is very expensive. Yet, the supplies are affordable for everyone. Moreover, if you choose high-quality samples made of polypropylene or polyester are able to serve up to several years. You may gather harvests a couple of times per season using one and the same frost protection.

3.     It’s possible to apply the coverings both for vegetable and flower beds

When you buy blankets to extend the growing season, it doesn’t matter you may use them only for crops. They are good for flowerets, too. In case of unexpected freezes, you can’t find better protection than such fabric.

4.     Excellent quality

It’s important to choose reliable materials. When you buy samples produced by reliable companies, you may be sure the materials are durable and qualitative. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and harmless to plants and pets.

5.     Multifunctional use

The coverings protect vegetables not only from cold weather. They create a perfect insect barrier. It benefits the vegetable growing season, too. It’s clear that some pesky insects are able to transfer various plant diseases.

There are two main requirements you have to follow if you decide to apply frost blanket. The first one is to choose a really good variant. You have to pay attention to the materials the sample is made of, the temperatures it’s able to withstand, and proper size. The second one is the right application of the material. You should cover the beds before the freezes come. When it’s getting warmer, you have to remove the covering. Otherwise, excess heat can hurt the plants.

To conclude, it’s worth mentioning that thanks to the use of the frost blanket, you can enjoy veggies right off the vine till the winter.          

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