Useful Tips for Growing Fall Vegetables and Fruit

snow peas

If you think that only the residents of California have an opportunity to savor juicy fruit and veggies all year long, you are not right. The thing is there is a wide range of edibles you can grow even if the weather is cooling down. Yet, to get the best results, you have to take into account the following information.

  • Prepare the soil for the fall gardening

Growing plants is not an easy task. You have to spend your time and energy. The same is true about topsoil. It’s going to be sloughed off after a season. That’s why it’s of prime importance to take care of the soil. You have to feed it. The best variant is to apply organic matter. It helps to save (and sometimes even increase) the fertility of your plot. For this purpose, you can use a wide range of means. The most popular of them are compost, animal manure, organic mulch, green manure, and legumes.

  • Get rid of weeds   

Weeds are the main enemies of your yields. If you want to get a reach harvest, it’s necessary to prevent weeding, Otherwise, the pesky plants take all the nutrients from the soil leaving nothing to the crops. There are several ways you can use to stop weeding. The quickest one is to apply chemicals. Yet, it’s not the right way out. The chemicals are harmful to the very edibles, too. If you don’t want to get poisoned crops, it’s better to use weed control fabric. It’s made of light but durable material. It prevents not only weeding but also erosion.

After you do all the necessary preparations, it’s high time to think about the right plants. It’s clear you won’t succeed when  trying to grow watermelon in October. Yet, you can still get an awesome yield of the following fruit and vegetables.

  • Arugula

If you prefer healthy eating, you can’t but savor the large and flashy leaves of arugula. You may add it to different salads or use it as an awesome accompaniment for pasta.

  • Lettuce

When it comes to the fall greenery, lettuce is the number one. It’s better to plant it 4-8 weeks before the first frost. It likes full sun but can be cultivated in partial shade, too. 

  • Snow peas

Everyone wants to get a rich harvest without much effort. Then, you can’t but pay attention to snow peas. It always yields well. Moreover, you definitely fall in love with the sweet pods.

  • Onion

Fall is a flu season. You have to think about your health. Onion is a perfect natural antibiotic. The main peculiarity of this plant is that you can leave it in the ground till the next growing season. It has a really long growing period. 

Moreover, it’s a good idea to plant cauliflowers, carrots, beets, and garlic. All of them are to please both your eyes and taste.

To sum it up, it’s worth noticing that fall is a season of numerous opportunities. You may still savor gardening until the first frosts.         

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